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Bilingual names, having variants in both Konkani and English, like Pedru (Peter) and Mâri (Mary) are common among Goan Catholics.Portuguese names like António, João, Maria, Ana are common among the older generations of Goan Catholics who were born in Portuguese India.The actress also has a come-hither look in her eyes And not only does does she strip down for the role of a year-old bride, she simulates a certain sexual act with the two men with her hands in the car.

English names, like Kevin, Kenneth and Sanferd, that have no Konkani variants, and other European names such as Savio, Mario and Andrea are also popular.

Konkani variants of most Goan Catholic names are derived from Hebrew, Greek, and Latin names from the Old and New Testament Biblical canons.

Nowadays Indian names like Sandeep, Rahul and Anita, etc. Some Indian names like Kristadasa (Christopher) have European Christian translations.

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