Las lindas updating

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If you choose to help me here on Patreon, I can do more for the comic I love and not have to worry about earning money from other places. So I need to change my Patreon page to bill only when Las Lindas updates so I can set my own schedule and not fall behind on what I owe people. Please reset your pledge level to an amount you are comfortable with.

The number of sketches is usually around three or four per stream. The current comic I'm focusing on is Knighthood, wich follows Joy Ravenhurst in her quest to become a Knight of the Prime Queendom. "Ask The High Prime" is a NSFW blog where you can ask Ambar, the super sexy world leader of Las Lindas, and lots of other Las Lindas characters whatever you want.

Ambar is fun-loving and very playful with the answers, so while they're kiiiiinda true, they're mostly over-the-top fun.

Check out the questions she's answered so far here!

Also hosts The Eye of Ramalach and Carribean Blue, two nice (yet randomly updated) comics. Now that she on the high seas, what will Aria experience, and what exactly is she up to? (Updates Periodically ) Uber Quest is a web-comic that takes place in a mystical fantasy realm known as Evyr.

(updating weekly) A tale of war and love, with great plot, character development and art. Inhabited by anthropomorphic creatures called "Fera" with rather extraordinary abilities and fantastical creatures.

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