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CHASTELLAR'S If Ui«e Liquid Eoamel, For\ ing and Beautifying the Complexion.

Lpwaids ot ao y OO bol Ues were sold during the past year, a su'uicieut gunrantce of its etiicacy Price only io ceuu Seat by mail, post paid, on receipt '* """'b LKG-ER.

Its use cannot bedeected by the clo est sc uiiuy and beinii a vegetable pieparation is pertectly haim- less It 18 tiie only ar icle of the kmd Ubcd by the Freuch, and is considered by the Par is tan as iudispeusable to a perfect toilet.

hereby ugrvc to a Uhoie strictly tvi the above rulei«.

F0V, Attorney at I.: /it, uad yot.Public, Carver, Curver County, Minnf^otri, wiil [iiacuce in all i Jie Courts of Vne

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