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I should have specified the Cartagena of Spain rather than calling it Carthage, the name of the city on the North African coast that fought the Romans during the Punic Wars.Apparently some Phoenicians were in Spain and even left a temple to Melqart for archaeologists to find.This is the site referring to Goropius Becanus' chauvinistic blunder. One is the obvious one of looking for the earliest written record.But certain languages go back well before their written records - Basque being one. As I say, Basque is impossible to date with there being no frame of reference. It is a language that comes well down from the origins of the Indo-European languages.Looks as though there are a few more languages that are claimed to be "the oldest". Nu Dolls certainly believes so, since they've put together a site chock-full of nothing but these Euro babes in various states of undress as they strip naked for your viewing pleasure.

It shares this with Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, ans so far as they can tell, p IE.

The other main method is by comparing a language to its earliest ancestors.

The closer the similarity to the earliest ancestor, the earlier the language.

It was not a language of power and authority, nor was it a language of religion.

It was a language of the peasantry, while the court of Navarre spoke French.

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