Norah jones who is she dating

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Jones always had an affinity for the music of Bill Evans and Billie Holiday, among other "oldies".She once said, "My mom had this eight-album Billie Holiday set; I picked out one disc that I liked and played that over and over again".While in high school, she sang in the school choir, participated in band, and played the alto saxophone.At the age of 16, with both parents' consent, she officially changed her name to Norah Jones.He was on a cross-country road trip with friend and future Little Willies member Richard Julian, and stopped to see the band play.After meeting Jones, Harris started sending her lead sheets of his songs. Less than a year later, she started a band with Harris, and her recordings with them were bestsellers.

She attended Interlochen Center for the Arts during the summers.During this time, she had a chance meeting with future collaborator Jesse Harris.She gave a ride to a band playing at the university whose members happened to be friends of Harris.Jones described the sessions as "fun, relaxed and easy" and without a deadline; Blue Note executives reportedly did not know she was recording an album. Not Too Late had the third-best first week of sales in 2007, behind Avril Lavigne's The Best Damn Thing and Linkin Park's Minutes to Midnight. Jones as Elizabeth is a young woman who goes on a soul-searching journey across the USA to resolve her questions about love, and finds along the way a series of curious characters.The song "My Dear Country" is political commentary; she wrote it before the United States Presidential election day in 2004. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007 and in the United States in April 2008.

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