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So far we know that the OBB is also NOT endorsed by the government (nothing in Google search results).

From this text below, you can see that the OBB charges .94 per year!

If you've been shopping around for an online dating service, chances are you've at least heard of Plenty Of Fish.

Few dating sites are as big-or growing as fast-as Plenty Of Fish.

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Also, there is a lot of discussion about the tobacco that is in cigars and cigarettes . Before the 1950s, all cigarettes were sold without filters.

If you do not pay, you cannot be reviewed in their database!

Please look at the text highlighted in RED below (The green was from the website, NOT my work).

You can see in this excerpt below that they try to distinguish themselves from the BBB by saying that the BBB is a scam because they charge companies hundreds of dollars per year to be part of their organization.

They also say that the BBB is a private company, not endorsed by the government.

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