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Click on the link for the exact instructions on how to play.There’s even a game template that you can print onto your paper. Don’t like the spotlight on you when you are acting?The found hiders can either be out and wait for all hiders to be found, or they can also become another “it” person and help find the rest of the hiders. They spin in a circle or count to 10 while everyone else changes places in the circle.

Some of my favorite memories are when my whole family got together to play a family game of Crack the Egg on the trampoline or Monkey in the Middle.Set a small candy carefully on top of the flour cup. Then, when you say “go,” everyone else starts throwing cheese balls at their face to try to get them to stick. We also found 20 Amazing Two Player Games if you want to have some quiet time after the kids go to bed.Take turns using a butter knife to cut off some of the flour structure and try not to knock off the candy. The “mice” are a spool tied to 18 – 24″ of string/yarn. Supplies: A few randomly shaped items from the kitchen. At the end of 1 minute you see who has the most cheese balls stuck to their face – and that team wins. (The template isn’t necessary, but does make it easier.) Supplies: pencils and paper. The team closes their eyes and the player takes a single position/pose then tells the team to open their eyes. This game is perfect because you act as a group and one person is responsible for guessing the correct answer!Scattegories has always been one of our favorite family games, this is like a homemade version that classic fave. For each round, set the timer for 1 minute and each player tries to get their team to guess as many slips of paper as possible following the round rules. Alternate between teams until all of the papers are gone. Add up the score as you go, 1 point per correctly guessed slip. Grab some paper slips and have everyone write down a few things to act out.

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