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So I'm an attorney in a small-ish firm of about 35 people.I work with a female attorney who's actually been there a year longer than I have (4 and 3 years respectively).

He stuck his finger in my vagina in, making a circular motion.

I've thought about asking her out, but am hesistant to proceed due to our professional relationship. Look into your employee manual or speak with a supervisor and figure out if there are any company policies in regards to dating a co worker.

I do like this girl and know that we already get along very well. Knowing her past dating history is what gives me some concern.

That said, I feel like a potential break-up could make things very awkward at work. Not that I can't be cordial in that situation, but she tends to basically cut all ties with her exes.

Has anyone ever gone down this route and can offer any advice? Not something that could happen realistically where we work.

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