Principles for healthy dating

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Relationships can be difficult even when you understand the nuances of human behavior — when you understand human behavior.

Through life experience, and my in-depth exploration of ancient traditions of wisdom, I’ve discovered principles that can lead to a greater sense of “safety” in women (otherwise referred to as the feminine aspect of the relationship) while reinforcing that primal need for “appreciation” in the man (or masculine aspect).

Individual truth is fluid, so expect it to change based on experience. If you invalidate the other person’s truth (something that happens far too frequently in relationships), you invalidate experience and understanding.

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Over time, it's become easier to get back on the metaphorical tightrope and find balance and progress in the relationship again. If you’re miserable inside, you won’t find someone to make you happy in a relationship, no matter how wonderful they are.

Abiding by these principles takes me closer to relationship success as I define it, while disregarding them can cause the relationship to quickly go out of balance.

While I still struggle, an awareness of these principles means I’m not completely clueless when my partner and I hit a rough patch.

True change takes time — usually much longer than they think.3. They have challenges and issues too — probably ones you can’t even fathom.4.

Your truth is not necessarily to be true is like the colored blob in a lava lamp: It may be true — but only for that moment, and only at your present level of understanding.

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