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I certainly don't have £100 to spare to get one done sooner : S They also didn't have any prescription exemption forms left at the surgery so I have to wait till the Midwife gets round to contacting me! Hi, I'm in Calne too and have just heard the same thing.

I moved house twice during my last pregnancy, so had the 12 week scan in Reading.

Here is a link to the website: might do this if I can't get a 12-week scan in Swindon.

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This meant that I had to travel to Bath several times for extra checks, but the everyday checks were still done with the Chippenham midwives if that makes sense.

Basically, if there were concerns, I think you would have to travel backwards and forwards to Bath or Swindon, so there would always be a bit of a journey involved.

im 6 weeks pregnant and have found out i wont be getting a scan till im 20 weeks or so. i thought everyone was offered a scan at about 12 weeks so im a bit annoyed to say the least!! Does anyone know of anywhere in the area that does private scans? Thanks Fi x Hi Fi, I was given a leaflet on private scans by my GP.

As i had already missed my 12 week scan by this time (and had had a emergency scan at Bath due to scare and found out LO Hi, there were concerns at the end of my last pregnancy when I was under the care of the Chippenham midwives.There is a significant amount of ongoing research into the use of patient specific implants and patient specific instruments to help guide surgery and make surgery more accurate in orthopaedics and joint replacement.Hear from our Consultant, Mr David Cox on the surgery he is performing.She has close links with the Fetal Medicine Research Institute at King’s College Hospital in London.Find Out More Scans can be done anytime from 6 weeks onwards for lots of different reasons.

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