Pune dating places

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This dam is sited in posh greenery which serves as a great place to spread your sheets and spend time watching the swift water and the birds that encircle above.

A lot of people even find this dam a great base for trekking activities.

When you are done with sunbathing, you can either visit the nearby Vanjai Mata Temple or can look out for camping options and stay overnight.

This place is an out-and-out picnic locale that offers the finest backdrops, each of which competes with the other.

This ancient battlefield houses a Kali Temple, Military stables, Brewery, and Hanuman Statues at some locations.because it offers adventure lovers with an energetic trek route.

Even though a difficult one, this trek is rewarding in itself because you are presented with the top view which overlooks the Valley and the mountains that rail it.

Who would have known that a historic location such as Maval would become be an arena of water and adventure sports that intrigues people looking out for entertaining weekend escapes?

This is where you can take your gang, spend the entire day and come back with a stock of memoirs that last a lifetime.

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