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Some neutral colour clothing is best if you will be undertaking game drives / excursions on your trip. Protection against the sun - sunblock, hat, sunglasses, lip balm and moisturising lotion.

Flashlight, binoculars and a good camera with extra film or memory card.

Money & Cards Currency is Namibian Dollar, or South African Rand (linked 1:1).

American Express, Diners Club, Master Card, Visa, Maestro and European Community credit/debit cards accepted – for others, check with your bank.

The country has good private and public medical and health facilities.

Driving & Local Transport Driving on left hand side of roads – speed limits apply – valid international driver's license required.

For electrical small appliances or chargers a conversion plug to a three-pin type outlet.

Swimsuit as most lodges and hotels have swimming pools.

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Winter: GMT 1 hour from the 1st Sunday in April to the 1st Sunday in September.

Visas required for most visitors – check with embassies for exemptions.

Tourist visas from Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Namibian embassies abroad.

Capital City Windhoek Languages English – plus German, Afrikaans and various indigenous languages.

Climate Coastal areas cool, rain-free mostly, with fog and day temperatures of 15-25C.

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