Registry pol not updating

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Set_FDCC_LGPO still runs only on XP (SP2 or higher) or Vista (RTM or higher), because NIST hasn’t defined FDCC settings for any other versions of Windows.

Here is more information on the new Import Reg Pol utility: Import Reg Pol is a non-interactive tool that imports the settings from a Registry Policy (registry.pol) file into the Computer or User configuration of the local group policy of the current computer.

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A customer requested an addition to the local group policy toolset posted on the FDCC blog.

/parse Only Reads and validates the input file but does not make changes to local group policy.

In conjunction with the /log option, can be used to convert a registry policy file to an input file for Apply_LGPO_Delta.

If this option is not specified, output is not logged nor displayed.

Import Reg Pol can be run in a “parse-only” mode to read a file and produce an equivalent input for Apply_LGPO_Delta.

The utility requires administrative rights to import policies, but does not require administrator rights for parse-only mode.

If you want CMD to wait for Import Reg Pol to complete, run the utility with "start /wait".

Group Policy Preferences allow you to deploy and modify registry settings quickly and easily.

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