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You get 39 hours of streaming video content as well as additional bonus products related to health, business, and time management.Since the content does assume you've already studied some basic dating skills, I wouldn’t recommend it for the absolute beginner. Right program, but there’s a ton of new material as well.De Angelo’s first e-book, Double Your Dating, is the one of the most successful e-books ever written and has become the gold standard in dating advice for men.Since launching his Double Your Dating company, De Angelo has released over 15 successful video and audio products including Man Transformation which is his most comprehensive inner game product.David De Angelo’s program is one of the most comprehensive products on the market on how to effectively use pickup lines to start conversations with women.It’s an online video course (also available as CD set) that covers every aspect of the approach.You'll also learn how to send emails that are almost guaranteed to get responded to.

He began learning from Ross Jeffries, Steve Piccus, and Hypnotica whom De Angelo has personally attributed for his inner game development.After printing out the ebook on my office printer, I went straight home and read the whole thing that night.To say the book has had a profound impact on my life would be an understatement.It’s an easy course to study if you have a smart phone--just load up the video or audio files and listen to them whenever you have a few minutes.It works both as a beginner course and a refresher course for more advanced students as a reminder of the most important qualities you need to develop in order become more naturally attractive to women.

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