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I think it's getting juicy as we're going on the third phase of helping each other heal and grow." The mention of a "power struggle" sure does sound familiar, doesn't it?

Whether or not the close timing of Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson's relationship and his split with Alanis Morissette was mere coincidence, there are some who believe he may have engaged in an affair with another woman before his breakup from the popular singer.

October 2011 - Present Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were first rumored in October 2011, after they worked on 'Green Lantern' together.

They hadn't even officially confirmed they were dating when they tied the knot in September 2012 in South Carolina.

Reynolds and shortly after his public split from Morissette.

The fact that Reynolds and Biel later endured a very complicated love quadrangle with their eventual spouses, Scarlet Johansson and singer-actor Justin Timberlake, respectively, did very little to quell such speculation. He's my husband.'" Indeed, the next time anyone would hear about her love life was when she married Treadway in a private ceremony in 2010.

If you love Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively as much as we do, then you probably already follow the cute ways in which they constantly troll each other online. Proud is a pitiful word to describe how I felt today. One thing Ryan does that annoys Blake is talk in a movie trailer voice. The only woman with Blake's permission to "creep up on" Ryan is Martha Stewart.As she told the same publication, "We're just really enjoying this phase," to which Reynolds reportedly added, "We feel like we're already married." Considering how swiftly his subsequent nuptials to Johansson came along — and the fact that he later married current wife Blake Lively without ever even announcing an engagement to her — the perpetual pause of his engagement to Morissette would not prove to be the norm for the actor.Indeed, Morissette herself would also take much less time to become a bride the next time she was engaged, marrying Treadway in 2010 after dating for about a year.For someone who is a love addict, it's debilitating," she told the paper."I've been on a constant journey toward finally surrendering and hitting the rock bottom that I've been avoiding my whole life. Everything broke, and it was an amazing and horrifying time." , "He's just such a supportive creature.

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