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Topics of the highest merit are selected by the AASHTO Standing Committee on Research (SCOR), and each year SCOR’s recommendations are proposed to the AASHTO Board of Directors and the Academies.Research projects to address these topics are defined by NCHRP, and qualified research agencies are selected from submitted proposals.

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George Morcous, Professor of Construction Engineer- ing at UNL, was the principal investigator. Kejin Wang, Professor of Civil Engineering at ISU; Dr. Taylor, Director of the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center at ISU; Dr. Shah, Consultant; Micheal Asaad, Research Assistant and Ph. Candidate at UNL; and Xuhao Wang, Post-Doctoral Associate at ISU. Jenks, Director, Cooperative Research Programs Christopher Hedges, Manager, National Cooperative Highway Research Program Amir N. Janssen, Seattle, WA Jugesh Kapur, Burns and Mc Donnell, Bismarck, ND Kristin L. Myint Lwin, Olympia, WA Madhwesh Raghavendrachar, California DOT, Sacramento, CA Anton K. Trautman, Missouri DOT, Jefferson City, MO Susan N.

N A T I O N A L C O O P E R A T I V E H I G H W A Y R E S E A R C H P R O G R A M NCHRP REPORT 819 Self-Consolidating Concrete for Cast-in-Place Bridge Components George Morcous University of nebraska-Linco Ln Omaha, NE Kejin Wang Peter C. Shah cons ULtant Evanston, IL Subscriber Categories Bridges and Other Structures • Materials TRANSPORTAT ION RESEARCH BOARD WASHINGTON, D. Often, highway problems are of local interest and can best be studied by highway departments individually or in cooperation with their state universities and others.

However, the accelerating growth of highway transportation results in increasingly complex problems of wide inter- est to highway authorities.

The report also presents proposed changes to the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design and Con- struction Specifications to address use of SCC for cast-in-place highway bridge components.

The information contained in the report will guide materials and bridge engineers in evaluat- ing, selecting, and specifying SCC mixtures for use in cast-in-place concrete bridge compo- nents, thereby facilitating construction, improving the working environment and safety, and reducing cost.

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