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The area in which the Nacotchtank lived is now the District of Columbia.

On the west bank of the Potomac river in what is now Virginia were the related tribes of the Patawomeck and the Doeg.

They were extinct as a people by the end of the 17th century, however.

The following Piscataway tribes lived on the eastern bank of the Potomac, from south to north: Yaocomicoes, Chopticans, Nanjemoys, Potopacs, Mattawomans, Piscataways, Patuxents, and Nacotchtanks.

These objections were resolved with the larger states agreeing to cede their various western claims to the authority of the new Congress of the Confederation, representing all the states, to be held in common for the laying out and erection of new states out of the jointly held Federal territories.

Maryland then finally agreed to join the new American confederation by being one of the last of the former colonies ratifying the long proposed Articles in 1781, when they took effect. After the Revolutionary War, numerous Maryland planters freed their slaves as the economy changed.

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They are noted as the Akhrakovaetonon and Trakwaerronnons, which seems similar to Tockwogh.Later that same decade, Maryland became the seventh state to ratify the stronger government structure proposed in the new U. Baltimore grew to become one of the largest cities on the eastern seaboard, and a major economic force in the country.Although Maryland was still a slave state in 1860, by that time nearly half of the African American population was already free, due mostly to manumissions after the American Revolution.These were the Susquehannocks (west of the Delaware River), the Tuscarora and Tockwogh (on the Delmarva Peninsula between the Delaware and Indian Rivers), the Piscataway (surrounding the Potomac River from Washington D. south) and the Nanticoke (Delmarva Peninsula, south of the Indian River).John Smith labelled the Tuscarora as the Kuskarawock on an early map from 1606, but they shortly thereafter moved west to join the Meherrin and Nottoway in Virginia.

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