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So now if I have an important message — if I went to a meeting, or if I was doing an academy talk — I’ll insert a picture of a butt that I worked on as the cover photo. So it’s really about finding the right balance between entertainment, education, and advertising? I sometimes use the example of an airline safety video.There’s nothing more serious than death from an airplane crash, but to get the passengers’ attention, the airlines have to use entertainment, dancing videos, rap, cartoons, etc.We have to be entertaining to get our message across, but some doctors can really take this out of whack.Like that one surgeon who wore sunglasses and took a good five to 10 minutes to choreograph a video with someone asleep under anesthesia.

Take a look at the app's privacy policy for information on the kinds of data collected and stored by the developer.

There are examples of almost every explicit word across the content library.

Description on the i Tunes store and user reviews mention a subscription plan, which lets users read more than a limited number of stories each day.

Though HOOKED - chat stories might entice some reluctant writers to experiment, its poor navigation and subpar content make it more of a last resort than a first choice.

Many stories graphically describe violent acts such as assault, murder, torture, rape, or otherwise scary situations.

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