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This means: Shy guys typically don’t like the spotlight but you need to get over it.

No woman’s going to choose you if you don’t share some details about your life.

Maybe he is coming out of a bad experience or was dumped from a relationship he hasn’t gotten over yet.

Maybe he is just paralyzed by your stunning beauty and is afraid he will embarrass himself at the moment of truth.

Your perfect match may end up with someone else because you aren’t willing to make a move. Don’t think you can put up a few sentences in your self-summary section or use a few selfies for all your photos. Think about it, if a guy puts up 1 photo and writes “I live life to the fullest, love Netflix, and am spontaneous” in his self-summary section it shows a complete lack of effort. Because it’s vague, boring, and nothing but a cliche.

Take Nic here (and yes, this is an actual dating profile): Women see this and link the amount of effort Nic is going to put into a relationship with the amount of effort he puts into his dating profile.

The majority of men put up a dating profile and leave it there to collect dust.

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Here’s a list of 7 online dating tips for shy guys which give insight into online dating and hopefully help you meet someone special.For example, when you write about yourself don’t write “I figured I’d give this a shot” or “I don’t know what to write here.” These type of comments show a complete lack of confidence and believe me, plenty of men write one of those sentences above. No, I’m not trying to get deep here and discuss your place relative to the universe when mentioning your “energy”. It will carry over in how you present yourself to women.Instead, write “I’m here for a relationship.” That’s what you’re online for right? Guys who put up negative dating profiles don’t do very well.The most critical of the online dating tips for shy guys is to be confident. Don’t get frustrated, discouraged and by all means, never quit.Even if you’re not confident fake it until you make it. If you put up a solid dating profile and she isn’t interested, at least you know you did your best. And don’t be afraid to email women you’re interested in. There ARE women out there who are looking to meet you. If you want some email tips, check out my blog post Critical Online Dating Email Tips for Men According To Zoosk.

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