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No members may be removed without first giving them the opportunity to refute the charges filed against them.

No member may serve as an officer of a professional health related state association.

Board members must be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.

An individual, group, or association may nominate qualified persons and submit them to the Governor for consideration.

Officers shall serve terms of one year and until their successors are elected. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, any person elected or appointed to serve, or serving, as a member of any board, commission, or committee to represent a congressional district, whose residency is transferred to another district by a change in the composition of the district, may serve, or continue to serve, the term of office for which he was elected or appointed; however, the appointing or electing authority shall appoint or elect an additional member on that board, commission, or committee from the district which loses a resident member on it as a result of the transfer to serve until the term of the transferred member expires.

The administrator shall certify to the Governor the names of the officers elected for regular and unexpired terms. When a vacancy occurs in the district to which a member has been transferred, the vacancy must not be filled until the full term of the transferred member expires." Effect of Amendment The 2012 amendment rewrote subsection (A) and removed subsection (I)(13) relating to fee schedule regulations. In addition to the definitions provided in Section 40-1-20, for purposes of this chapter: (1) "Accreditation" means official authorization or status granted by an agency other than a state board of nursing.

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