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However, according to the Stanley numbering system, there are more than 608 models of woodworking planes.

These include planes of companies acquired by Stanley that were made under the Stanley Company name such as Bailey bench planes or those patented by Miller.

I have so many planes now and use different ones throughout the day.

I tend to keep the older and more worn ones I have bought near by because I feel an affinity with something that has so obviously been well used, cared for and feels the same as my own ones.

If you plan to begin a collection it is a good idea to get a current price guide.

Generally, the earliest Stanley tools are more valuable than later models.

This rating system is provided just below the Fine Tool Journal Classification System.

As with any other collectible you should only collect what you are interested in and passionately love rather than collecting as an investment.

This system lists criteria that must be met for a tool to be classified into one of the following categories: A copy of the classification system is provided by Tool Timer in the article A Beginners Guide to Collecting Antique Tools.

Also, I have 5 sons and a daughter and 13 grandchildren so far.

I would like to think that some of my tools will go to them even though I have already provided my children with their own kits over the years.

The classification criteria are approximately halfway down the page.

Another method used by some collectors to grade tools is a 1-100 rating system.

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