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As seen with Paul Hollywood BBC 1, Robbie Coltrane ITV, Nigel Slater BBC, Alan Titchmarsh ITV, BBC Breakfast News Team As seen in Guinness World Records 2014, National Geographic, Daily Express, Daily mail, Guardian, Independent Telegraph, Good Food Magazine, BBC Olive Magazine and even more!

See Here The Oldest Sweet Shop online has been delivering old fashioned sweets, retro sweet jars & luxury chocolates for over a century and now online for over a decade.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our confectionery which is still made to the original recipes dating to the 19 century (boiled in copper pans, the way sweets should be made) we have an unsurpassed knowledge of sweets and chocolates, gained from nearly two centuries of trading experience. Importantly we still retain the traditional business values of yesteryear which are today often lost.

We only source the finest products whether that is a black jacks, a pear drop (guaranteed to taste like a proper pear drop!

Most of all we love sweets and want to share our passion with everybody - enjoy! Here are some ideas: Midsomer Murders: the VR Experience Don a VR helmet and find yourself dressed head-to-toe in Laura Ashley, surrounded by chintz and the scent of impending death. Which leaves just one question: how is it going to fill it? Coming soon: a new TV show based on the ITV theme park attraction, which will then be followed by an attraction based on the TV show, based on the attraction based on the TV show based on the attraction. No episodes of The Krypton Factor have been made since 2010. The Tipping Point Tipping Point Welcome to an attraction based on a TV show based on an attraction. Of course you have, which is why The Krypton Factor is, realistically, the only programme in ITV’s history that even remotely suits a theme park.

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