Tentative plans dating the fatal flaw with radioactive dating methods

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Let a man pursue you – that’s the #1 thing you can do get him invested in dating you.

Follow his lead for the lasting loving relationship you dream of.

He felt ready to date again, but wanted to avoid some of the painful mistakes he made in past relationships.

I have been very excited to guide him on this journey, as he’s a great catch.

This strategy works best for the first 4-8 dates, (8 is better) depending on the couple, for so many reasons.

On Wednesday evening, I received a text asking, “Still interested in meeting tomorrow evening? I suppose I get tired of other people’s propensity to bail (or flake or whatever you want to call it) being projected onto future dates… I write my plans in stone (which perhaps leads to a heavy day planner! But, remember that there is an actual person at the end of that phone.

Then Rick noticed the energy between them diminished immediately following this conversation. ) Let’s talk about who should lead on the first 4-8 dates.

They talked about getting together again and his date said she’d let him know what was good. I explained to Rick about my “Ballroom Dancing Theory of Dating.” In ballroom dancing, there is only one leader – the man, and one follower – the woman.

Dating is still an archaic mating ritual based on biology. However, as the woman, if you don’t wait and try to take over pursuit, you can lose big time.

Sorry to say, you can’t take the DNA out of dating – not yet. via GIPHY When I learned to put these concepts into place, my dance card was always full and I never sat down at a dance party.

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