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Exactly one month before Valentine’s Day, we discussed internet dating trends and how social media is changing the love game online.

Did you know January is the biggest month for internet dating memberships?

A survey found that approximately 30% of users ages 18 to 24 viewed politics as important to a relationship, and 17.5% said they would avoid talking about politics in case it changed their opinions about the person.

Whether addressing a ballroom of singles at the Washington Hilton or running a series of seminars for JDate at Club Med, Evan shows that there’s no contradiction between education and entertainment. A geek at heart, she got her start on the web in the 90s, and has been using it to her advantage in dating since. (exs as friends, people who you meet on checking out your FB profile, how to use Fan Pages for people who are not really friends) 3.

She has written several articles about using technology to connect with potential matches and swears by Twitter (How To Get Laid With Twitter for lalawag, How To Get Noticed By A Chick On Twitter for Manolith), but she’s also aware of how the web is changing our interactions (Online or Alienated? What new types of humor and actions are happening with social media and relationships (ie proposals on twitter, marriage status changed on FB during wedding, wedding videos on youtube, etc) 4.

As this will be an exciting weekend in Delray Beach with the majority of the industry present, the convention is a an excellent opportunity to get your product or site seen and attract new interest.

We have a limited number of 10 foot booth spaces that are available on a first come, first served basis.

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