Trouble updating my ps3 with 2 10

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And more times than not, no matter what I do (restarting internet, resetting the console etc etc) it refuses to finish the download. Im wondering if I'm the only one experiencing issues. i am aware there is a huge 9 hour maintenance scheduled for today.Then like a half hour later WA-LA i have no clue how but it works, and this is usually how that goes: When I click yes to the notification for an update and it takes a while for the download screen to appear, then I know that it will work. I always know what to expect depending on how fast it takes for the actual download to begin. I've had 2 ps3's over the past few years and have always had this problem. after about 8 tries of starting up Black Ops and trying to download the update... it finally took long to load the download screen and then the download (about 25mb) zipped through in like 5 seconds. But the chances of me always ending up downloading updates on maintenance time is slim. I pretty much quit playing Killzone 2 online because it refused to finish downloading an update once!

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Below are commonly reported You Tube App not working on PS3 problems that may annoy even the most patient user along with suggested solutions that may prove to be useful even to the "technically challenged" among us. Cannot sign in to You Tube account using PS3 - your PS3 provides a code to type into the computer to connect to the device but is not accepted.Whenever a game has a new update, like Black Ops new update that was just released today.... Sometimes the update goes smooth, but i can always tell when its not going to work.For some reason, whenever the notification for update comes up and i click yes to download, if it loads the download screen fast I know from countless times in the past that this means the download will looks seemingly smooth and than stop downloading for no apparrent reason (and the estimated time till finish just grows and grows until an error pops up).More often than not, the app just needs to do some cache clearing/updating. You Tube PS3 videos are zoomed in by default - this is when the videos are too zoomed that videos appear to be cropped and the logos, subtitles and other details on the screen are cut off. This occurs as the TV attempts to reduce the noise by cropping out the edges of the screen.For some reason, this is turned on by default and can be quite frustrating.

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