Updating a hyperlink in iweb

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1.4 When I publish my website objects like images or HTML Snippets are moving around.When visiting the website online in a browser like Safari the objects don't display where they display in i Web itself.Have a look at Roddy’s page for an example on how to add links to those downloads. Make a second navigation bar while keeping the i Web navigation bar too instead. Chapter 2: General troubleshoot 2.1 A few general tips - Make sure you have the latest version of i Web updating your software with Software Updater in the menu bar click on the Apple logo and choose “Software Update...” - Try deleting the preferences file: 1) Quit i Web 2) Delete the following file: User/Library/Preferences/com.plist 3) Relaunch i Web If that doesn’t work... restart the computer and relaunch i Web - Try repairing disk permissions: 1) Go to Applications/Utilities 2) Open Disk Utility 3) Click Macintosh HD 4) Click on Verify Disk Permissions 5) Click Repair Disk Permissions - Try performing a safe restart Restart your computer and hold down Shift while restarting - Try deleting the preferences files you find inside the Domain (Make a backup first! 2.3 Photos pages troubleshoot Have a look at Chapter 1.2 of the page you're currently reading and at this page.You could put the second navigation bar at the bottom of your pages. ): 1) Quit i Web 2) Go to the location where your Domain file is stored 3) Right-click on it (ctrl-click) and choose “Show Package Contents” 4) Trash the files ending with .plist (you will probably find three of them) 5) Once you’re done double-click the Domain file to open i Web If that doesn’t work... 2.4 i Web doesn’t open when I’m not connected to the internet - Go to i Web preferences and uncheck the Auto Update box.Hence copy the image, go where you want it to appear in the Text Box and paste it in it.

Copy&paste the textfield with the links to all of your pages.

The only solution is to place them higher or lower in i Web itself accordingly.

If an image or an HTML Snippet is found to be positioned lower once published than in i Web itself just position it higher in i Web itself.

But what can one do to make the site compatible with Internet Explorer?

i Web built sites will not show the standard navigation when downloaded to a PC where Java is turned off in IE as the i Web navigation bar is Javascript rendering.

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