Updating excel from a word file Cam teens pic

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There are two ways to program a spreadsheet to update automatically: every time the workbook is opened and at regular intervals that you determine.Make sure you are on the "Usage" tab of the "Connection Properties" dialog box.This is confusing enough, but my problem is that I can't even manually update in the case of two spreadsheets I maintain.I keep lots of different data that is updated from various websites and databases.When I first link the chart into my word doc (which is how I format my reports I send in email), the chart updates ok. Why does updating happen automatically after I close excel in the original steps. What is unique about my 2 spreadsheets that even a manual update doesn't work?But the next week when I update all my charts, nothing gets update in my Word document.

Choose the option Keep Source Formatting and Link to Excel or Match Destination Table Style and Link to Excel option from the Pasting Options.

'' Also, bookmarks are simpler to create and maintain because a picture is only a '' single character in a Word document. It could also be modified to ensure that they pick an Excel file with a table called Bookmarks, located on the List sheet. This section checks to see whether the selected file is already open; if not, it is opened. We also set an object reference to the Excel workbook, to simplify the code later on. A few points are worth commenting on: There are some quirks to using pictures with bookmarks.

'' Requires: A table in the Excel file to line up the bookmarks and named ranges '' Created: by Denis Wright ''============================================================================== Dim obj Excel As Object, _ obj Wbk As Object, _ obj Doc As Document Dim s Bookmark As String, _ s Wbk Name As String Dim s Range As String, _ s Sheet As String Dim BMRange As Range Dim bmk As Bookmark Dim i As Integer, _ j As Integer, _ k As Integer, _ bmk Count As Integer Dim v Names() Dim v Bookmarks() Dim dlg Open As File Dialog Dim bn Excel As Boolean On Error Go To Err_Handle The File Dialog object lets you pick a file for processing. The error handling routine at the end of the code launches Excel if it is not already running. If obj Wbk Is Nothing Then Set obj Wbk = obj Excel. Open(s Wbk Name) End If 'minimize the Excel window obj Excel. Another major frustration is that recording the Paste Special code to insert the Excel table as an enhanced metafile, was ignored by Word, which defaulted to inserting the table as a formatted Word table.

Set obj Doc = Active Document 'check to see that the Excel file is open. Window State = -4140 'minimized 'switch to Excel, find range name that corresponds to the bookmark obj Excel. This is what we were trying to avoid because it changed the layout of the Word document.

If not, open the file 'also grab the wbk name to enable switching Set obj Excel = Get Object(, "Excel. The workaround was to use the Copy Picture method in Excel, to guarantee that the data was inserted as a picture. Delete ' Note: only required if the bookmark encloses a picture.

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