Updating leo4all

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This was just an impatient test to see if it would work.

I have a Asus P5B coming in that will hopefully work OOB with minor difficulties. Apple never adapted Q6600 on their machines and that is why it shows unknown.

I could not install Kalyway 10.5.2 DVD at first and got an error "Could not validate Base Install". New DSDT Method :- run the DSDT Patcher with -new HPET from terminal, edit the dsdt_in Debug Folder (search and replace 'AZAL' with 'HDEF') recompile the (iasl dsdt_fixed.txt), copy the to / - copy the chameleonsm (cp chameleonsm /boot). Avoid NVinject kext since it may not be compatible with all NVidia graphic boards (NVinject may cause bootup crash), use the proven LS8 pack instead. showtopic=96725&st=0&p=690751&#entry690751 For another hackintosh user experience

If it doesn't work, check that the RT73is really loaded. Working with Kalyway 10.5.1 and 10.5.2 out of box, detected as Airport Extreme.Added: In my case, somehow installation of Modbin's package did not does the job.However, I extracted the kexts from the installation package matching with my device ID (using Pacifist) and drag those kexts to /System/Library/Extension, authenticate and replace, then I got QE/CI/Rotation and resolutions (though missing 1680x1050).But the processor is working fine (at least on mine).To fix this, change "Unknown" to "Intel Core 2 Quad" in /System/Library/Core Services/Resources/English.lproj/Apple System Info.string and verify if About This Mac displays what you just edit. Install the Apple Graphics Update first (here is the installation file).

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