Updating maps on garmin c340

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Garmin's policy is bad, but their failure to disclose it is even worse. (In fact, all the i Phone needs is the right antenna and a SIRF-3chipset to make dedicated GPS devices instantly obsolete.

Moreover, the 2008 map update isn't a one-time purchase. This is soobvious it can't be more than a year out. You have pissed off a formerly delighted customer, and that is generally a one-way ticket.

While I have newer GPS units with lifetime map updates, I still like to keep current maps on my older GPS V and GPSMAP 176.

I'm not sure what type of mapping you are looking for but check out this site:

So I have 2013.40 installed on the external memory card.

I'm using a Class 4 card so the map loads very quickly on boot.

I don't mind paying a reasonable fee for services rendered. You tell me, unexpectedly, that I have to pay for routine map updates. You needlessly add to our landfills by creating single-use DVDs. I do mindgetting locked into a closed-source platform and being forced to pay monopoly rentsfor a proprietary, stale and limited version of data that's already available to thegeneral public. Just bought a nice Garmin c580 with City Navigator North America NT 2008. I'm trying to figure out how much m it costs to update and if that's more expensive than buying a new unit...Power off and disconnect the Garmin from the computer.Then once you have the program downloaded - double click it to install - and reboot your computer.

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