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Once this time has elapsed, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will no longer work until the certificate is updated.

Adobe issued updates for all impacted products to provide customers with software code signed using a new digital certificate.

For more information, read the FAQ or ask a question. I manage Adobe applications as an IT administrator.

If you haven't installed Adobe software or updates after July 10 2012, you don't need to do anything. Digital Publishing Suite - install these updates if you have R22 or R23 installed: DPS Desktop Tools for In Design CS6 Folio Builder panel for In Design CS5.5, CS5.0 Folio Producer tools for In Design CS5.5, CS5.0 You can find updates for desktop products in the table above, or download and install the Adobe Customer Response Tool for Windows.

Is your Adobe software vulnerable because of this issue? This issue has no impact on the security of your genuine Adobe software. We have strong reason to believe that this issue does not present a general security risk.

The revocation of the certificate affects the Windows platform and three Adobe AIR applications* that run on both Windows and Mac OS.

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