Validating email with javascript

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Samples of the XML files returned in each case can be found below.

These are generated by PHP, but another server-side scripting language would also work.

You have code that is (most likely) heavily tested and also updated on a regular basis.

This article follows on from Web Services using XMLHttp Request (Ajax) and demonstrates the usage of our Ajax Request class for validating online forms.

You can play with this here: See the Pen form validation 3 by Raymond Camden (@cfjedimaster) on Code Pen.

In my final example, we built something that makes use of Ajax to validate at the server.

The target value is also used to work out the id of the relevant checkbox and the DIV that will display feedback.These elements can then be referenced in the XML file that is returned by the Ajax call.The 'empty comment" in the DIV is just a place-holder - required in some older browsers when a DIV is empty, but needs later to be referenced by a script.For the second example, the second text field (age) was switched to email which will be validated with a bit of custom logic.The code is taken from the Stack Overflow question, How to validate email address in Java Script? This is an awesome question because it makes your most intense Facebook political/religious argument look like a slight disagreement over who makes the best beer. Here is the HTML, even though it’s really close to the first example. You can play with this example here: See the Pen form validation 2 by Raymond Camden (@cfjedimaster) on Code Pen. This tells Vue to cast the value to a number when you use it.

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