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XML is everywhere from XML Web Services to databases to config files to Office documents.

This article will show you tooling support offered in Visual Studio 2008 that will make working with XML easier.

For instance, given this degenerate Test-Xml .\web.config -Validate -Schema Path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Xml\Schemas33\Dot Net Config.xsd' –Verbose VERBOSE: Error: The 'Configuration' element is not declared. False Note: There are many more useful Power Shell Community Extensions (PSCX) commands.

Prior to working on the XML tools, Stan was responsible for parts of the and MSXML APIs.You can choose to actually publish the schema to a website for validation if it’s an “open schema.” If it’s closed and you are simply using it for internal validation, then it makes sense to embed as a resource.A best practice is to validate your method parameters before acting on them.You can also use a Raptor XML Server to validate XML documents. Save the file as file Create the XSD Schema, and Link to XML Document 1. I discuss how to validate that the XML file references the XSD and the validates against the XSD here

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