Vb6 turn off screenupdating

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It is easy to lapse into bad programming habits when working with small macros, but with large macros and macros that run a long time it is critical to use efficient coding.This article is primarily focused on Excel VBA macros, however many of these rules apply to Microsoft Access VBA macros as well. Turn off automatic spreadsheet calculation This rule is well known, but it is the most important rule.The impact of leaving automatic calculation turned on can be dramatic.

In this example, the macro will need to grab the named Range "issue_age" from the worksheet repeatedly. VBA is much faster when it doesn't need to stop and interact with the worksheet.

Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Clear Work Sheet() With Active Window . Set Background Picture ("")End Sub Sub Clear Active Window() With Active Window . Enabled = True End Sub Okay, you'll notice that only Clear All is run.

To reset Excel, paste this code in the button that exits your User Form and returns you to Excel (Or exits the User Form and saves then exits Excel.)Uncomment the This Workbook. Quit if you want Excel to save and close down upon exiting the User Form, also paste the code below ** to open the User Form while Excel opens.

It is also more efficient to perform all numerical calculations in VBA.

It is frequently tempting to leave formulas in the spreadsheet and call them from the macro.

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