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And selecting objects unnecessarily is common among beginners to macros in Excel. Limiting the number of trips you make to the cells of your worksheets will greatly speed up your macros. Next, once the code gets to a certain spot in the procedure, the code will turn screen updating back on, input another status value into the next cell to show the user the latest status of the current procedure. Screen Updating = False More code here runs through a procedure to replace various cell values with another value based on specific criteria. After that cell is updated, screen updating is turned off again while additional steps are completed in the background. it runs through a loop until it reach Wend Then the next cells A2 and A3 as shown below are updated with the latest status Application. Instead of referring to the Application object 4 different times, they could have been wrapped in a With construct like below. And then again at the end of the macro to switch them back.

You really need to know this stuff to create efficient macros in Excel.One thing you definitely want to stop doing, is selecting objects to perform operations on them. You can change values, test values and format objects without selecting them first. Now this is one example, and the options available to you will depend what you are doing. Take an example of copy and pasting data from one worksheet to another. By doing some research you can probably optimise your code a little better. Is it a speed thing where screen updating is set back to true, but because the code is running so fast, it does not update the screen in time for the inputted value to be displayed in the cell before screen updating is set back to false? I want the status to update the cells o that it can be seen by the user the moment it is updated, not at the very end. Perhaps more importantly, it releases the "lock" that prevents Excel from executing while VBA is executing (an internal design mechanism).

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