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With the confirmation of the start of filming, we also got a look at a script page from the first episode with what looks to be the first scene of the new season.

The scene reveals that season two will show us yet another timeline of 1921 which, if you make the calculations, doesn't fit into the 33-year time loop.

Yet we feel this is just an indication that the loop we'll see in season two will take place a year after the ones in season one.

So that's 1954, 19, with the script page revealing that the events of the second season will take place – or at least start – in June of each of those periods.

Can Unsurprisingly, Friese and director Baran bo Odar needed to map out the whole structure of the first season, so at least we know they're not just making it up as they go along. He is one of the main characters where most of the stuff actually happens," explained bo Odar.

However, they added that "we also allowed ourselves to be surprised by whatever shows up while we were writing," according to Friese. "So we will truly stay close to him, but shift some of the storylines to other characters.

's first season followed four families in fictional German town Winden (a play on the German word for "twists", fact fans) as they investigated the disappearance of several children and a mystery that ties back to the same town in 1986, as well as a local nuclear power plant.

was officially renewed by Netflix for season two on December 20 after becoming one of its "most-watched entirely non-English shows", but there was no confirmation of release date.

But as we discovered there's a dark side to it that's putting women in peril.

The final scene of the first season saw Jonas wake up in a post-apocalyptic version of Winden, where he's told by a teenage girl: "Welcome to the future." This is likely 2052, but writer Jantje Friese says that season two won't just be following older versions of the characters.

"We've done our thinking, and the second season would put more light on other people in the character structures we haven't been through that much, while not losing some of the ones that you kind of came closer to.

Here are 26 that you'll be able to wrap up before heading back to work next week."Altered Carbon" (Netflix) A gritty sci-fi murder mystery, "Altered Carbon" takes place in the distant future, where consciousness can be downloaded and people can switch bodies to live forever -- if they can afford it.

Action-packed and twisty, "Altered Carbon" is a great 10-episode mystery to work through on your days off."The Marvelous Mrs.

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