White collar speed dating episode

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This causes a strain on their relationship, though it eventually recovers.Neal finds that in order to free Kate, he must find the music box.Back in the present day, Neal meets an insurance investigator named Sara Ellis.At first, Sara tries to have Neal arrested for the theft of a painting.

They hope to get her by sending Neal into a bachelor auction ...

Months later, Neal and Kate discovered that Adler had been caught running a Ponzi scheme, and they lost all of their money.

After Kate realized that Neal was conning her as well, she left him and began running her own cons. After the two confessed their love, Neal was arrested (for the first time) by Peter.

With the help of his best friend, Mozzie, Neal learns that Kate was taken by a man with an FBI ring.

After discovering that Peter had visited her, Neal believes that Peter is the man behind her disappearance.

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