Who is 9ice dating now

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And a lot of artistes have indeed attempted to “photocopy” 9ice.

While most have failed out right and they are forever forgotten of the pages of history, a few of them have indeed done fairly well and deserve mention.

I think I’ll have to play the song’s video which I have right here on my PC for her when I’m done!

That’s how much Tupengo sounds like 9ice in style and voice.

Backtrack to this time in 2008, 9ice had released his album “Gongo Aso” earlier in the year to much acclaim.

The album had been promoted by just one single, the title track of the album but fans were treated to an array of much more beautiful tunes off his album.

His rough but sultry voice and catchy tunes have especially been utilized to give several rap songs that “hit element”.

He has potential to at least be a B-rated artiste and except on few occasions when he spits out crammed Yoruba proverbs which have no bearing whatsoever on the theme of the song, he delivers fairly well consistently.

It is worth noting that as a big fan of Pasuma Wonder, he kick-started his singing career with Fuji music.For the most part, I don’t think it’s a particularly favorable choice trying to walk in the footsteps of someone like 9ice who is almost idolized by devout fans.Comparison with 9ice will always supersede and hinder such a person’s talent.Feeding off his(9ice) reputation may help in growing a career based on the “he sounds like 9ice” phenomenon, but the artiste should work towards carving a separate niche for himself after he has his feet on the ground.On the flip side, 9ice is aging physically and musically, his talent is obviously dwindling (I know some of his devout fans will disagree but the stats speak clearly, how many shows does he headline nowadays?

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