Who is alex jones dating

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Friends listened to Info Wars and found themselves doubting the official September 11 story. ”) Jones was a face in Austin, even as he moved off of cable access and on to syndicated radio.Austin film director Richard Linklater was charmed enough by Jones’s persona that he put him in brief roles in a couple of his movies, 2001’s .Jones promotes the idea that he’s the one guy who will give you the truth when the media, government, and the occasional yogurt company are lying to you.

The credibility of the immensely successful conspiracy theorist—who can count the President of the United States among the millions of Americans who at least occasionally tune into his show—was on trial.

In each of them, Jones screams through a bullhorn about conspiracies that, in the worlds of the two films, turn out to be more or less true.

Jones continued to embrace his public persona as parody even as his career picked up steam in the mid-2000s.

But Jones, as a personality, more or less follows along a continuum.

His obsession with the Branch Davidians has been replaced with conspiracy-minded rants on the Sandy Hook shootings.

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